In today’s scenario, valuation is required to be obtained under various statutes and to cater to the different requirements of the Corporates. We offer independent and objective valuation services to meet Client specific needs. We offer following Valuation Services:

  • Business/Enterprise Valuation
    We conduct independent valuation of Business and/or Enterprise using internationally acceptable valuation methods, including but not limited to Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Comparable transactions method, Multiples method, Market valuation etc.
  • Valuation of Shares, Convertible and Non-Convertible Instruments
    As a SEBI Registered Merchant Banker, we can act as Registered Valuer for determining valuation of various instruments like Equity Shares, Compulsorily Convertible Preference Shares, Redeemable Preference Shares, Compulsorily Convertible Debentures, Non-Convertible Debentures etc.
  • Valuations required under Circulars issued by Reserve Bank of India
    As per the Master Circulars issued by the Reserve Bank of India from time to time, valuation from a Category-I Merchant Banker is required for funding through Foreign Direct Investment and Overseas Direct Investment.
  • Valuations under the Income Tax Act
    Valuation of Shares is required to determine the tax liability under Section 56 of the Income Tax Act, 1961, read with Rule 11UA of the Income Tax Rules, 1962.
  • Valuation of Employees Share Based Program
    In terms of Rule 3(8)(iii) of the Income Tax Rules, 1962, Fair Market Valuation of Shares is required to be obtained from a Merchant Banker for the Shares issued pursuant to Employee Stock Option Scheme (ESOS), Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP), Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), Deferred Stock Units (DSUs) etc., in order to determine tax liability of the Employee.
  • Valuation required as per Accounting Standards
    As per Accounting Standards, valuation of the stock options is required to be computed for determining the Intrinsic Value of the Shares.
  • Internal Evaluations
    We offer independent advice to Board of Directors to help them determine the right price to pay or accept for a purchase and disposal of a business.